Skinny Yourself

Skinny Yourself is the only Programme out there where you will lose weight straight through the year, as well as over the holidays and still be able partake in all things social.

Are You….

* Ready to shed those extra kilo’s, because you got honest about aligning “yourself” with your “ideal self”?

* Concerned that your efforts will be wasted, if you lose focus and embrace your inner party animal.  You know the one… that knows no boundaries when it comes to indulging?

* Committed to yourself and have you taken responsibility for your current health status?

* Enthusiastically knows there is no time like the present to get down and dirty with your weight loss goals.



I am willing to share all my knowledge, so that you can get your inner skinny on!

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Embrace Your Inner Skinny with My 4-Week Skinny Yourself Programme

I know you will not be overwelmed with the number on your scale when you join my Skinny Yourself Programme.

Mmmmmm, big words I know, but I can back those up.

Overwelm stands no chance to take hold of you because “knowledge is power”.

I have the knowledge and that is exactly what you need to empower you to Skinny Yourself.

What I also know for sure is that you are serious. You are here reading my words, aren’t you?

If I have you figured out correctly, you are the practical, patient type, who takes pleasure in the journey as you watch those numbers on the scale go down. Mmmmmmm and the best feeling of all, your clothes getting looser on your body.

You, much like me are a marathon runner not a sprinter. I am much too old to start sprinting now, anyways. I am 74 years going on 75, thank you very much!! And with over 40 years helping ladies smash their goals out of the park, I promise you I know my stuff and I also know this is the “BEST STUFF” out there!! (Humble brag).

Before I put my crystal ball away…

I also know, that you just “KNOW” you will attain your ideal health goals and are immovable on the thought that nothing will  hamper your progress or set you back at all, moving forward, not even the holidays.

You are looking forward on utilising this time to get “The Party Started”. And I am excited about guiding you towards getting your new skinny a$$ in that little black dress, never mind the skinny jeans.

3 Day Detoxing Cleanse

Now if you know me at all, you would know Detoxing is my signature approach. I like to start with a clean slate. Getting rid of those persky toxins is the best foundation to implementing new improvements to your health.

The Cleansing part only lasts for 3 days and I know you can handle it and you will even thank me for it.  So get ready to wave your sweet treats and bad habits good-bye.

You will get:

  • Commitment Letter (not to be underestimated)
  • Journal Printout.
  • Shopping List.
  • Meal Plans.
  • Motivation and support.
  • Feedback from me in the Facebook Support Group.

Next 7 Days

This is where we concentrate on getting used to a low GL diet. Now that your palate has been cleansed you will appreciate your healthier options more.

What you get:

  • Information on what GL is and why it works.
  • Booklet that gives exact instructions on daily choices.
  • Videos that will address your pain points.
  • Opportunity in the FB Support Group to check in with each other, ask questions and get information that will help you along your journey.

Body Blitz Section

This is such a fun part of the programme. Here you will become a rock star at planning. Got a function? No worries, there is a plan for that. Worried about picking up weight because of it? Chillax- implement 2 Fat Burner Days in your week; however don’t overindulge at the function and you will be sorted. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!!

You will be provided with:

  • Meal Planners.
  • A Fat Burner Plan.
  • Loads of Recipes.
  • Restaurant Options.

Overcoming Triggers

In this section I will help you identify, overcome by finding better alternatives to your triggers.  I will share with you some popular questions and help you with answers to get to the bottom of your own triggers. In doing so, you might get that ‘AHA’ moment you need. This will enable you to catch yourself when you notice repeating patterns that do not serve your best interests.

You will find the following:

  • Questions and Answer Section.
  • Best tips for difficult days.
  • Embracing R&R: Finding comfort without emotional eating.
  • Identifying your triggers worksheet.
  • Managing your cravings worksheet.


This section will tie all the good habits you have learned together in a pretty bow. Here you will be touching base with your journal and do some planning to make improvements. When checking in with the progress you have made over this month, you will throw yourself a little dance party for sure. Is the Macarena still in fashion?

This section consists of:

  • Touch Base: Feedback.
  • Embracing better options.
  • Sharing of Lessons Learned.
  • Tips from Group Members.
  • Parting words from Prof Celene.

I have definitely achieved a new me! So happy with my body and my energy. No more reflux. No more IBS. No more bloatedness. No more being overweight. I love it. Thank you Prof. Celene


After following Prof. Celene’s 10 day blitz,I have had so many compliments. So many people commented on how great I look, “glowing skin, bright eyes and weight loss” so Prof. Celene I am just spreading the word. Everybody should do your programme. I have never been complimented so much. Thank you for your unconditional support and guidance

Karen P

Before I started working with prof. Celene I was unable to lose weight. And more importantly I always gained the weight lost especially after the holiday season.   I was initially concerned that it would be a waste of time for me.  I found her programme so easy to follow, so much food to eat and I never felt deprived.  I lost 3 kgs for the first time while on holiday which was such a win, but most of all, I now know how to lose weight when I want and need to.  Thank you for the opportunity.


Being so busy this year I let my health goals slip. Prof Celene has guided me and I am back on track.  I have lost 4,1kgs in 3 weeks and I am planning on losing so much more!!

Follow my progress on the blog.


This All Sounds Great But…

Will I be able to do this all on my own, when no one else is watching their diets?
You will not be alone. I am in your corner and will always have your back. And you have your friends in the FB group for any support needed.
I don't want to go hungry when others are having great foods.
I promise you, you will not go hungry. You will have to abide by healthier choices though. But if you keep your WHY in mind all the way and don’t get discouraged, you will still be able to eat appetising foods.
What about cravings? Especially when I am faced with all the super yummy foods?
December Yourself Skinny does allow you more options than other programmes out there. You will be allowed some indulgence, but here we do it like the French, just a few bites. Not double portions!!
Will I go hungry on fat burner days?
Absolutely not, You will have enough to eat if you do it right. It is just the GL that will be less. This will enable your body to stabilize and utilize its fat burning state.
Your programme seems a bit pricey; how do I know it is worth it?

It is really worth it and will get you results if you stick to it. This programme is worked out scientifically and is practical. You don’t have to think.You have all the information you need right at your fingertips. I am there to support you all the way. If anything, you are getting at least 3 times the price point in value.

Do you have something more affordable, yet effective?
Happy you asked!! Yes, I do have an Entry Level 10 Day Blitz that will definitely help you get results and will suite any pocket.
What happens if I slip up for a few days?
Just get right back on the horse. I will be there for you with help and guidance, I don’t judge, I will only support you. But I will give you a kick in the pants if needed!! Remember, I am your accountability partner.
I usually take my signature dishes to family gatherings. Will there be something I can make that will still be within the parameters as well as appetising?
Don’t worry!, The recipe section will have those options for you. You will still be able to impress your family, especially when you tell them it is the “healthier option”.
Is this an alcohol free programme?
No, however I would prefer you to choose options such as dry red or dry white wine.
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