Wedding Shredding with Prof. Celene

Wedding Shredding with Prof. Celene is a natural weight loss programme, designed for brides-to-be, that provides you with the necessary interactive weight loss tools, wedding nutritional plans, focus, motivation and coaching to help get you your dream body for your big day.

Are You….

Over the moon with excitement for your upcoming day?

You know, that day you have been planning since you were like 5 years old and married the neighbour’s dogs to each other.

Your mom just silently giggling, because you didn’t realise Jacky wasn’t a girl’s name…

Do you secretly doodle your new signature with litte hearts and flowers, while day dreaming?…

Is E-VE-RY-THING planned, down to your something old and something blue?


Are you secretly anxious about not getting your dream body ready in time?


Nervous that you will not be able to exhale all night, in fear that your seams may not be so forgiving?

I hear you and I think you might need a little Prof. Celene Magic!

Let me guide you and be your accountability partner.

I will be your persuader when you can already taste the silky, smooth delectable iciness and you are moments away from putting that spoon, brimming over with Hagen Daz in your mouth…

Do not waste one more second wondering about how exactly you will get your dream body.

Say “I DO” to the slimmer you!

My 40 years of experience has you covered.

We will set small achievable goals and smash them one by one.

When you walk down the isle, all you will concentrate on is that hunk of awesomeness waiting for you.  Ken to your Barbie, that you will spend all your ‘happy ever afters’ with.

When I gaze proudly at your wedding pictures, I will lovingly put my magic wand away, knowing I will be sprinkling a little magic again, soon…

Hi, I am….

Prof. Celene Bernstein,  I have been in this business for over 40 years.

I am totally in love with what I do every day.  Helping my clients identify realistic goals to work toward and guiding my Super Hero Ladies along this journey.

You can catch more information about me in my about page!!

Working with brides is always such a wonderful experience.  This is a fun journey everytime.

I might be a little biased, but OMG, I love weddings!!

I love seeing the beautiful bride, outshining everyone present.

The photographs, the decor, the merriment gets me everytime.

My ladies have always been super successful.

Introducing Wedding Shredding with Prof. Celene

I have different plans to suit every pocket.

The information below is for the very standard option. Contact me, so that we can discuss your requirements and get the plan best suited to your needs and budget.

From the 27 page Health Assessment,  I will be able to point out the exactly areas we need to focus on, in order to get stellar results in the time we have available.

You will start off with a 2 week Gentle Detox Plan that will aid the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin to fulfill their tasks more easily, without being overloaded.  This will lay a solid foundation, priming the body for good, stable weight loss results.

Then from your Health Assessment, you will receive a special Personalised Eating Plan to follow.

And now for the ‘Piece de Resistance’ you will have one month’s membership to the Shredding Support Facebook Group.

Here we can laugh together; have ugly cries together; complain about those little details that will only drive brides-to-be around the bend.

And of course,  I will be present in the group to guide, support and answer your questions.  We can all learn from each other.

And pretend the ugly cries never happened…

Wedding Shredding Plans

Silver 4 Week Plan:

  • 27pg Ask Prof. Celene Health Assessment Bundle & detailed report
  • 2 Week detox plan
  • Personalised eating plan best suited to your needs
  • 1 month access to Ask Prof. Celene support group

Gold 4 Week Plan:

  • 27pg Ask Prof. Celene Health Assessment Bundle & detailed report
  • 2 Week detox plan
  • Personalised eating plan best suited to your needs
  • 1 month access to Ask Prof. Celene support group
  • 1 x 30 min one on one/ online appointment with Prof. Celene

Platinum 6 Week Plan:

  • 27pg Ask Prof. Celene Health Assessment Bundle & detailed report
  • 2 Week detox plan
  • Personalised eating plan best suited to your needs
  • 1 month access to Ask Prof. Celene support group
  • 4 x 30 min one on one/online appointment with Prof. Celene
  • Weekly online consults, reassessments and guidance
  • Regular eating plan revisions: Changes and improvements will be made as we see results and make progress

“By the time you’ve completed your Wedding Shredding, you will look Spectacular and feel Fantastic in your Dream Body!!”

Ask for me by name,    I am Prof. Celene smile

This All Sounds Great But…

Will I have to starve myself?

No, my plans are healthy and nutritional. You will mostly be surprised at how much you can eat and still lose the weight.

No diet has ever worked for me. How is this different?

I teach you how to eat the right way and since the goal is the wedding, I find my brides very focussed and motivated.

What if I don't lose the weight as fast as I want to?

This is not a quick fix plan.  We will find the place where your body is happy and willing to give up the extra weight you are longing to lose.

What if I am on the verge of cheating?

That is what the group support is for. Everyone is on the same path and we will help each other through the difficult times.

I don't want my skin to break out. Will this happen?

All people are different. You might go through a bit of a transition period during the 2 week detox as your body is eliminating the toxins. But any breakouts will clear soon enough. I find that mostly my brides skin starts glowing after the toxins have been eliminated.

What happens if we are closer to the end and I have some extra weight to lose?

I have a very successful 10 day blitz that you can add if this is needed. Remember there is open communication and we will chat, measure and monitor your progress throughout.


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