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Klamath, my supplement of choice

Staring down at your hand, at all those vitamins that are 'supposedly' good for you.  You can't help but feel deflated at the thought of having to swallow them all.  There must be a better way, you think to yourself.  Surely, there must be an...

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Stress, Adrenal Fatigue and Modern Living

In my previous article I discussed stress and what it looks like. Now I would like to elaborate on adrenal fatigue. Normally, flowers do not make you want to pull your hair out.  The problem is you cannot pull your hair out right now.  You have been growing your hair...

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I think you might be Stressed Out

We are all experiencing some degree of stress. I know for sure that many of you can relate to what VickiD is feeling in the above poem.  Just to clarify GARAGE is a Petrol Station in South Africa, where you refuel your car. As a nutritionist, I firmly believe that...

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How safe is Ritalin & ADHD Medication?

How safe is Ritalin? So, let me begin by stating again that I am not anti-medication, not even anti Ritalin. BUT, I am only in favor of using medication when all the other options have been investigated and found lacking. This post is the second on the ADHD topic. If...

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Why should I Detox?

_ ,   I am sure you have asked yourself this question numerous times: "Why should I Detox?"   Detox has become such a buzz word being thrown around and I often wonder to myself if people actually know the purpose of going through this process.  I will tell you why and...

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