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Ditching Sugar Addiction

Sharing how I lost 3kgs in 2 weeks seems a bit personal and strange, but here goes.  I am quite used to being behind the scenes, writing blog posts for Prof Celene and helping with the businessy side of things.

Since it is confession time, I will ‘fess’ up.  I have quite the sugar addiction…

Having never been overweight while growing up and quite active, I have never really needed to cultivate super healthy eating habits.  This was all fine up until I reached my 30’s and settled down into a more sedentary ‘grown up’ lifestyle.  And guess what?  I brought all those unhealthy habits straight into my 3rd decade.

My body actually does better when I exercise;  I did 3 months of basic training before nursing school and survived!! (All this while just having a baby 2 months before hand).  I know, I know!! I was kinda like a ‘Rock Star’…

Having just turned 40 in August I haven’t really been paying attention to what I eat, since I am super busy.  But not paying attention and eating without much thought out of mostly boredom, caught up with me.  Three weeks ago I woke up and had no voice, was extremely dizzy, so much so that I called in sick.This is not something I do because I am hardly ever sick, I couldn’t even drive.

A little bit of back story, Prof Celene has been warning me about Adrenal Fatigue for a while and told me she thinks my sugar is out of whack.  Not really in those words, but OMG how did she know?

Of course being in this line of work I have noticed her ‘spooky’ sixth sense about these things.

Checking my Blood Pressure and picking up that it was extremely low, my pulse was racing at around 120-130 beats per minute for 5 days straight and the sugar monitor not giving excessive high readings, but higher readings than normal, stopped me in my tracks.  It was a real big scare.

I realized that I am toying with my health and I could land up being diabetic.  For 5 days I literally had no energy. I  tried to recover from my exhaustion by attempting  to change my inadequate eating habits.

Trying to work my way back to getting more energy I stopped sugar cold turkey.  About 8 days in, I tried a piece of my daughter’s chocolate brownie.  Now, I must confess it truly was delicious but extremely sweet.  I even dished up a double portion, which I could not finish.

This would have normally sent me on a downward spiral breaking any healthy eating plans I start, but amazingly my resolve was strong and I haven’t given into the sugar cravings since.  I was so proud of myself for not finishing it, and after 2 days in the fridge I had to throw it out!!

Eating out of boredom is one of the things that I really battle with and I have been trying to scratch that itch with sugar free gum.  Not sure how much better this is, but I am sure it is a good start.  So far 3 kgs in 10 days worth of a good start!! 🙂

My why is strong; I am going to lose all the weight I put on.  I know it will not happen over night, as I also did not put this weight on overnight.  I will reach my goal over time.  The help and guidance I have received from Prof Celene has been truly valuable.

My Tips:
  • Have a support system
  • Know what you are going to replace your go-to foods with
  • Be aware when you are prone to over-indulge or eat without paying attention
  • Follow Prof Celene’s Guidelines
  • Drink lots of water

I have been drinking water when I would normally have grazed while working on the computer; this has been helpful.  Doing this has also helped me reduce my Coke Zero habit, zero in 2 weeks.  Drinking water has always been difficult for me, but this is also improving.

Eliminating sugar has yielded a few unexpected surprises:
  • My period stabilized this month (it has been a pain point for almost a year)
  • My poop is more regular and has a better colour
  • 3kgs lost in 10 days (haven’t been able to shift the scale in 2 years; have only been picking up weight)
  • Have been sleeping a bit better (I am usually a terrible insomniac)
  • Energy levels are improving (I still have slumps on Saturdays)
  • Fighting my way back from adrenal fatigue

Unfortunately, I have been extremely highly strung.  My poor daughter – I hope this will pass soon.

Next, I will work on reducing my dairy intake. This is even more scary, because I think I am just as addicted to dairy.  I am not aiming for perfection all the time, but I want to master my eating habits and not be ruled by them. Exercise is also in the pipeline. Being more comfortable in my own body will be a definite plus.

Have you thought what you can accomplish in 2 weeks?  My 3kgs might just be pale in comparison. It is a good start and I know I have quite a long journey ahead of me.  3kgs is just my jump off point. Just think if you start now, how much further along you will be in 2 weeks.

If this post resonates with you, you might also like to read the post we did on adrenal fatigue.


December Yourself Skinny askprofcelene.com
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December yourself skinny

Prof Celene has this amazing “December Yourself Skinny” coming up.  I want to be ready and able to take part in this Programme without being overwhelmed and do myself and the momentum I have built, justice.

See you on the other side of the December Skinny!!




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