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Whatever your challenges be it:

losing weight for your wedding or having a baby,

to falling pregnant and post-pregnancy weight loss, 

I help Brides to Be with getting that ‘Dream – I DO – Body’

In my Savvy-Mommy-to-Be Programme

all your niggles will be addressed 

If you want your weightloss and nutrition goals to be met

easily, conveniently by a trained, experienced profesional


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Start Here

Weight Loss Programmes $247

I have a weight loss programme for you no matter what your goals.

Do you want to lose weight just because you think it is time?

Or have you been unble to lose the weight because your hormones are a little unbalanced and need a reboot?

Do you want to look totally amazing in your wedding dress?

Or is it time to get ready to have a baby and you want your body to be prepared and healthy?

Mmmmm, have you had your baby? Well, congratulations!! 

And now you want to get back into the shape you were?

I have you covered, you have come to the right place!!

Gentle 4 Week Detox $147

This is my signature programme and I recommend it as a base line to all my clients.

Always start here, if you take your health goals seriously…

This is a gentle detox-not a severe fasting detox (not recommended). Being gentle, allowing slower release of toxins, it supports the liver and is based on a healthy balanced diet: removing anti-nutrients and replacing them with optimum nutrition.

So, if you have fatigue, bloating, excess weight, feel low, skin conditions, PMT, bad breath etc.    You will be doing your body a Great Service by doing My Gentle 4 Week Detox.

3 Day Revitalising Cleanse $47

Can a $47 Cleanse you do for 3 days each month, take care of those pesky monthly hormonal break outs?

Can such a reasonably priced product reduce the intensity and uncomfortable way you experience your monthly visitor?

This cleanse can do all the above and so much more. Getting rid of those toxins that is holding you back is vitally important!!

If you want a clearer skin, that does not look dull and spotty, this 3 Day Revitalising Cleanse is just made for you.

Do you want to reduce the flow and period pains you exprience every month and kick the bloat to the curb, you have come to the right place.

Work with Me

What People Are Saying

My journey with Prof Celene started in 2014 when I went on a detox . I lost weight but also had a cyst on my womb. I followed the programme for 3 months – went back to the Gynae and he said the programme was successful, the cyst was gone. My hubby and I sat in silence. We could not explain to him that the detox programme sorted the cysts out!!!  Prof Celene has changed my life. Bibi

I lost 24 kg since February 2015, in Prof Celene’s Emotional Eating Programme and I am not tired of the eating programme or feeling deprived. I look better, feel better, have more energy and realise for the first time how easy it is to be in charge of your own health and lifestyle. I am never going to stop with this eating programme!!! Marilda

I am 57 years old and was at the heaviest I have ever been. I also have arthritis and decided that in order to manage the pain better I would need to get rid of my excess weight . There would also be other benefits in getting rid of the weight such as feeling better about myself, making my asthma more manageable, looking better and being able to improve my health all round. Under her guidance and encouragement I have dropped 6,5 kgs. My energy levels have improved and my clothes fit better. I have also lost a few cm around the waist.



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