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How to get a pregnancy ready body

Do you have a 'pregnancy ready body'?  Did you know that a 'pregnancy ready body' is a something to work and strive for before you attempt getting pregnant?  Investing time and effort in getting a 'pregnancy ready body', will exponentially increase your chances of...

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You can enjoy your weight loss food

I am sure if I tell you that you can eat good, healthy, tasty foods, lose weight and even look forward to your next meal, you will throw your head back and laugh one of those really crazy belly laughs in disbelief! Not all weight loss plans are created equal.  I...

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Why am I constantly hungry?

I thought giving up sugar will get much easier as I go along.  But as it happens that has not been the case.  It was such a surprise that it wasn't sugar cravings that did me in.  Oh no, that would have been much easier (I think...) One of the unanticipated side...

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When Digestion Fights Back

When the holidays roll around I seem to be constantly in a permanent battle with my digestive system. Now normally I don't give my digestion a second thought, unless that dreaded constipation comes knocking at my door. My usual response is...

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How I lost 3kgs in 2 Weeks

Sharing how I lost 3kgs in 2 weeks seems a bit personal and strange, but here goes.  I am quite used to being behind the scenes, writing blog posts for Prof Celene and helping with the businessy side of things. Since it is confession time, I will 'fess' up.  I have...

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